Tennis is a popular game in the western world, and many people have combined their enthusiasm for the game with some smart bets to win a fair amount of money. That said, tennis betting can also be a great way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let’s take a look at some of the information you’ll need to get started betting on tennis games.

Tennis betting is typically divided into one of two types of bets: match bets and outright bets. Match bets are essentially bets in which a gambler chooses one of the two players or doubles teams to win a given match. Betting websites will create odds in advance of the match based on the respective skills of the two players or teams. This will almost always divide the players or teams into a favourite, which is expected to win, and an underdog, which is expected to lose. In rare cases where the two players or teams are considered to be of exactly equal skill, there may be neither a favourite nor an underdog.

The tennis betting odds posted will reflect the extent to which bookmakers consider there is a difference in skill between the two players or teams. Large disparities will make bets on the favourite pay out less, and bets on the underdog pay out more. For example, the odds posted for a game between two players of more or less equal skill might look like this:

Player A: -150
Player B: 125

These odds would mean that a bet placed on Player A, the favourite, would pay out one hundred dollars in winnings for a one hundred and fifty dollar bet, if Player A were to win. If Player B, the underdog, were to win, then a bet of one hundred dollars would pay out one hundred and twenty-five. With both of these bets, you would also receive your initial bet back. A game between two players where one is much more skilled than the other would look like this:

Player A: -350
Player B: 400

In this example, a bet of three hundred and fifty dollars on Player A would pay out one hundred, while a one hundred dollar bet on Player B would pay out four hundred.

In outright bets, gamblers attempt to choose in advance a particular player that will win a tournament or event. Again, the odds for each player is based on their skill level, so a more highly skilled player winning a tournament would pay out less, while a less skilled or less well-known player would pay out more. Obviously, the stakes are higher with outright tennis betting because it is harder to pick a particular player to win.